Under rated and under appreciated within the poetry establishment we feel Performance Poetry has a vitality that is often lacking in much middle of the road mainstream poetry. It also has that magic ingredient: popularity. Just about every town and city of any size in the UK has a live poetry scene with weekly events that solid crowds of people attend on a regular basis, yet try and find books by for instance Francesca Beard (above) or many of the poets that are the mainstays of say Apples and Snakes and you will have a struggle on your hands. You see Performance Poetry does not translate to the page. It is official. It is a “rule” of poetry. We think such rules are for breaking however and here at Burning Eye Books we plan to champion the transition of Performance Poetry from the stage to the page. But before we do here is the late great Dogfather arguably giving birth to British Performance Poetry Live At The Albert Hall and Ash Dickinson performing Chiller Queen. Enjoy.