OK we admit it. We love everything by the late great master of the absurd Mr Richard Brautigan and we nearly nearly went for Trout Fishing In America (for those who have not read it: the definitive guide to Trout Fishing in America that no angler should leave home without !) but Sombrero Fallout is almost the definitive Burning Eye book. Easily readable, free-wheeling narrative, beautifully kooky, a bit bonkers, wonderfully absurd but with a depth and emotion that speaks to all of us. Essentially the book tells of a depressed writer whose Japanese girlfriend has left him taking her beautiful long hair with her. Our hero is trying to write but after starting a story about a Sombrero that falls out of the sky in a small American town he is too depressed to continue so consigns the page to the waste paper basket where the story decides to carry on alone. What do you mean you haven’t read it? What is the matter with you?