Here at Burning Eye we have a weakness for the skinny shorter fiction form that is the Novella. Now we are not going to get into some point less debate about what strictly constitutes a novella because we do not believe in rules, but the random selection we grabbed from the book shelf to illustrate this post comes in at no more than 150 pages (many less) with on average I guesstimate 300-350 words a page. What are these skinny beauties? Long short stories? Short novels? We like to think of them as the chapbooks of the novel world. Somewhere to experiment and stretch with more time and space than a short story will allow but without the necessity of the scale of a full blown novel. Some of our favourite books are skinny little fellows. You can often find us loitering in a bookstore scanning the shelves for a slender spine. We love the sharpness that brevity can conjure. The thrill of that short but exhilarating ride. A form for the 21st Century? You bet it is.