Yes. It is true. We are taking the bold step of opening our mail box for a submission or two. Specifically we would be interested in receiving shorts works of fiction or fictionalised fact or downright lies. We will even consider considering short non-fiction providing it drips with attitude and jaw dropping writing.

How short? How long? Well the clue is in Things We Like #7. We like skinny little books. How skinny? Take your manuscript in word or open office or libre office and format the page size to A4, double space it with a font (say Arial) set at 12pts. All done? More than 150 pages if the first page of text is page 1 (Title pages or contents pages listing chapter names don’t count) and it is too much. Ideal is 125. Export it as a .pdf and email to submissons at burningeye dot co dot you kay.

What are we looking for? Books that thumb their noses at the zeitgeist. Books that talk like the boy who knew the emperor was naked. Books with attitude and a molotov cocktail. Books that grew up in a tower block. Books that like to watch.

We like Zazie in The Metro. We like Death and The Penguin. We like Danziger’s Travels. We like Elmore Leonard. We like Bob Cobbing. We like Daisy Danger. We don’t believe in rules. We like Cancer Party. We like Morvern Callar. Alina Reyes William Burroughs Iain M Banks Hubert Selby Graham Greene John le Carre Patricia Highsmith Jospeh Heller Hilary Mantel Philip K Dick. We like too many things to list here. Surprise us. We have a strong stomach and a vivid imagination.

No poetry yet. We will tell you when we are ready for that. Apart from that. Bring it on.