Following on from triumphant launch nights in both Bristol and Edinburgh, Mr Ash Dickinson hits Nottingham tonight to give his Burning Eye collection SLINKY ESPADRILLES the home town treatment.

Ash will read a whole bunch of poems from the book including crowd favourites such as “Glass Coffin / Coffee Table Wife” the flagship poem from his “Dead-Wife” trilogy.

Ash has said that he may be willing to sign a copy of the book for you if you cross his palm with some paper bearing a portrait of Queen Liz II the sequel, although if you try this with the soggy remains of poundstore Jubilee memorabilia salvaged from a dustbin you may be disappointed with the results.

The gig is at Fellows, Morton and Clayton, kick off 8pm. I promise this will be better than Russia v Czech Republic!

Dan Holloway has blogged about Burning Eye and SLINKY ESPADRILLES over at the Eight Cuts blog. This includes a conversation between Dan and our Editor in Chief, Clive Birnie, about the raison d’être of Burning Eye and our mission to take Performance Poetry from the stage to the page. See here for more.