A good reader review from The Guardian for Ash Dickinson’s Slinky Espadrilles:

Slinky Espadrilles: Embracing the Moment

After seeing Ash many times in performance, I wondered what a text version of his poems would be like: it is not disappointing. Many lines that are spoken and perhaps skimmed over in performance can be pondered at leisure, and a common underlying theme of dark humour and dissatisfaction with life begins to emerge, from the epiphany and sense that time is slipping by in “The Disposable Lifestyle”, to the lonely last lines of “Live-in Landlady”, to the poignant simplicity of “One Week at the Sea” which questions our treatment of the planet. Ash never preaches but encourages the reader to perceive the world from a different angle, and in doing so the reader is left with lines which remain like hooks in their skin, nagging for attention. Who can read “Status Update” without being reminded of looking at a facebook homepage and wondering whether all that information is really necessary, or whether we should actually be embracing the moment as in “The Bicycle” and turning “a little bit of the world” our way. It is observations like this that make Ash’s book unforgettable and possibly even a life changing experience.

It is on The Guardian web site here.

Sample poems from Slinky Espadrilles can be read here.

And you can buy the book here or here.