The Bristol Poetry Festival runs twice a year in spring and autumn and as you may have gathered from the advancing twilight and that chill in the morning the autumn festival is upon us. Good news for Burning Eye as we have managed to completely hijack this autumn’s festival with a fine scattering of opportunities to see Burning Eye poets in action. Things kicked off on Tuesday with a gig to celebrate the birth of Rhyming Thunder – The Alternative Book Of Young Poets and move on tomorrow with superstar slam champion and master of surreal comedy Mr Ash Dickinson is hosting The Dead Poets Slam at The Lansdown in Clifton. Ash will perform a poem or three from his Burning Eye book, SLINKY ESPADRILLES and keep order as a bunch of competitors fight it out with words written by a hand of the dead. Well, a poet that is no more at least, rather than a zombie. Although Zombie poetry might be OK… you will have to check.

As if that wasn’t enough Ash is back at The Lansdown next week on Tues 25th for Between The Lines – An Intimate Evening With Ash Dickinson where he will let us in on the secret of actually making a decent living out of being, not only a poet but one of those new fangled Performance Poets that don’t have leather elbow pads and white beards and work for the Poetry Society or Oxbridge or a museum or something. He is also threatening to read some new work as well as a knocking out a greatest hit or two.

To celebrate all this we have ensured that those excellent book selling fellows at The Arnolfini Bookshop have stock of SLINKY ESPADRILLES, as do Rise Music on the Triangle (just along from Sainsbury’s and opposite Waitrose). Bloom & Curll on Colston Street nr the BRI also have it. Failing that Amazon as back in stock (they keep selling out you know!) and you can also buy it HERE at Burning Eye HQ and we will send it out with FREE P&P between now and 30th Sept. 

I should mention that the Lansdown stocks a fine range of craft beers something which we at Burning Eye are very keen on. Good poetry and good beer, a perfect combination. Be there or the Poetry Police will duff you over.