OK I have taken this quote out of context just to get your attention. I admit it. This is the specific question and answer, taken from an interview with Sally posted by Raymond on his blog:

Q3. You’re a very lyrical poet; this is something I really enjoy about your work – how do your poems work as poems rather than as raps or songs?

I’ve never rapped in my life. I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise. I read a lot of poetry, but also songs and songwriters have a big influence on me, especially Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Patti Smith, among others, so maybe that’s a thing. I think if you’re just saying words… no music or pictures or explosions…then you’ve got to kind of make the words as colourful as possible so that they fill up all the space the reader’s head. A very good friend told me recently that I write pop-song-poems. Not really sure how to take that.

You can read the full interview here on Ray’s blog.

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