You wait and wait for one, or at least a good one, and then boom boom two in two days.

This Is A Poem b/w A Violation Of ExpectationFirst up, a glowing review of Mairi Campbell-Jack’s This Is A Poem b/w A Violation Of Expectation from Poejazzi, in which Nicholas Judge finds some of Mairi’s imagery “so disconcertingly beautiful” before going on to say,

Pain can be overwhelming, as Campbell-Jack so succinctly illustrates, and yet, her collection is also testament to the strength and survival of a human being’s spirit.

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121116_RaymondCoverNo sooner had we cheered in agreement with Nicholas’s words than a review of Shapes & Disfigurements of Raymond Antrobus appeared at Sabotage Reviews:

It’s a received wisdom – at least on this writer’s part – that poetry débuts often stumble over familiar creative potholes on the way to realisation… Raymond Antrobus suffers no such troubles.

Full review here. Sample of the book here. BUY NOW button below although check out this special offer first!

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