9781909136038Earlier this week Sabotage Reviews posted the shortlist for their annual Saboteur Awards. We at Burning Eye are surprised and honoured to be nominated in the Most Innovative Publisher Category less than one year since our first book hit the streets. Thanks to all who nominated us in the category and to all of you who nominated Rhyming Thunder  our anthology of young performance poets in the Best Anthology category.

This is what we said on Facebook about Rhyming Thunder:

Rhyming Thunder is the sound of young poets making poems with their mouths. Some of them had microphones. Some stood on a soapbox. Some whispered and hummed and jumped up and down. James Bunting and Jack Dean (who should be in the book themselves but chose to stand back as editors) sat in the corner and wrote it all down so that you, you, you dear readers of the word can unite and take over… or at least enjoy the work of these fine poets for yourselves in the comfort of a seating arrangement of your choice. If you don’t have a copy follow the link or look it up on Amazon or borrow it from the Poetry Library or order it from Waterstones.com or get your local book store to order it for you. AND THEN VOTE FOR IT in the Sabotage Reviews Saboteur awards. It is on the shortlist for best anthology and needs your votes. That is all. Thank you for listening.

In addition to Burning Eye and Rhyming Thunder, Burning Eye poet Raymond Antrobus is nominated in the Best Spoken Word Performer category as is Dan Cockrill (whose collaboration with cartoonist Tony Husband, Cellotaping Rain To My Cheek will be published by Burning Eye this summer) and Vaness Kisuule who like Ray is included in Rhyming Thunder. On top of that Bang Said The Gun is nominated in Best Regular Spoken Word Night – we are working on the Bang anthology Mud Wrestling With Words and with Dan, Martin & co. and it will be with you in time to read in the sunshine this summer. And if that was not enough Inky Fingers (Edinburgh) is also nominated to make sure that Mairi Campbell-Jack is not left out and the Wandering Word Stage also gets a nod in the Best Spoken Word category. Wandering Word is awash with Burning Eye people like Jonny Fluffypunk, Sally Jenkinson and Rebecca Tantony. I note also that Shake the Dust is also in the mix so I have to mention Jonny, Sal and Rebecca again not to mention Lucy Lepchani whose Ladygardens will be out in May.

So get your voting fingers out and get involved. Vote for us or vote for one of the others that takes your fancy. There is not a bad option to be had. Just get involved and have your say.  Join the debate or we will send Jonny Fluffypunk round to explain the complexities of the Putney Debates to you over coffee.