There is probably some arcane publishing world rule about not responding to reviews or even acknowledging them. To do so is gauche, a school-boy error, not something one would have done at Oxford.  So what, we don’t care, we come from the rough end of town – we can take it! And in any case we don’t get so many reviews round these parts that we take them lying down!

9781909136038So look at this review of our big red book of young poets Rhyming Thunder that has appeared on Sabotage Reviews.

Amongst other good things the reviewer says:

“Rhyming Thunder is a well-produced introduction to a world of poetry that cannot be ignored and deserves to be taken seriously and Burning Eye are to be commended for publishing it”

Quite right we hear you cry!

He goes on to praise Rob Auton, Ray Antrobus, Jodi-Ann Bickley and Deanna Rodger in particular whist emphasising that the Rhyming Thunder poets:

“…are not too far removed from much of the poetry you might find in an Oxbridge professor’s anthology, once you allow for the different worlds the two groups inhabit. However, theRhyming Thunder poets write with far greater energy and commitment than most of their better-reared academic cousins, and their poetry, while perhaps not signalling the kind of revolution that the editors might wish for, certainly represents a clear alternative to the dreary conformity that characterises far too much contemporary verse.”

We will fight anyone who says it ain’t so and have broken into the local off licence in celebration.

Rhyming Thunder remains in print at this very moment. You can buy it from us HERE or from Amazon or Waterstones all priced at or around the £10 mark.