9781909136106Gingering The World From The Inside captures the comic genius that has made Anna Freeman a leading figure on the performance poetry scene. Anna takes us into her world and with unflinching self deprecation lays open her heart. From the playground politics of My Little Pony ownership, the tortuous twists and turns of a relationship on the rocks, the thrill of a new partner and the quiet revolution of Ginger takeover, Anna’s comic touch remains deft and perfectly timed. Gingering The World From The Inside is an assured debut and demonstrates that honing work in performance before committing it to the page is, in the right hands, the creative engine of brilliance.

‘Anna Freeman’s work makes me feel like I made a new friend in a warm, leaning, drunk heart-to-heart that left my cheeks sore from laughing and my neck aching from all the nodding. She twists up the awkward, the confusing and the painful, into a slick balloon animal, escaping zoos; makes me wanna spill my guts, hand her my secret side, just to see what treasures she can make from the vulnerability.’ – Buddy Wakefield

‘Anna Freeman is bright, brilliant and brutally honest, these poems beautifully illustrate the modern woman in all of her mess and glory.’ – Salena Godden

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