Nah not the Eurovision song contest and let’s be honest – that Farage bloke has no hope. He can’t sing and is rubbish all over. No No No.


Run by those excellent people at Sabotage Reviews who put time and energy into supporting, reviewing, promoting indie and live literature the Saboteur Awards are once more upon us.

9781909136243Burning Eye has again been nominated in the Most Innovative Publisher category and Dan Cockrill and Tony Husband’s Sellotaping Rain to My Cheek has been nominated for Best Collaboration. Many other fine works and events by other fine people and publishers have also been nominated. Full details are here:

So, if you agree that Burning Eye’s output over the last 12 months warrants a vote as Most Innovative Publisher by all means put your X in the box. If you think that crazy spoken word weirdos we may be but others are more innovative then give them the vote. We believe these things should be about rewarding good work not rewarding the guy who marshals more friends into Xing a ballot.

Vote here Vote here Vote here.

Likewise if Dan & Tony’s EXCELLENT book warrants the nod in your honest opinion then get in there with your vote and do what needs to be done. Here’s a taste to help you on your way.

Sellotaping Rain to My Cheek is available from the Burning Eye Book Store right here baby.