The Guardian First Book Award holds back one space on its short list every year for a reader nominated title.

Between today and 13th July you can therefore nominate any book that is

A) the author’s FIRST ever book in any genre and

B) published since 1st Jan 2014 and before 31st Dec.

Yes I know. You can borrow our time machine to read the ones published after 13th July and then pop back and nominate them. Seriously though. If you think any of the Burning Eye titles linked below are worthy of a nod then you need to do the following:

1.Visit this article:

2.Sign up as a user so that you can comment on articles.

3.Leave you nomination as a comment in the comments section below the article.
Mention the name of the book, the poet/author and that it was published by Burning Eye Books.  PLEASE also leave a link to the title – which you can do by copying the links to these books below.

THANKS in advance to anyone kind enough to nominate a Burning Eye Title. These are our titles that are eligible: