I was talking with Liv Torc the other day about being asked recently by someone how they might improve their chances of being published by Burning Eye. My answer to this questions is always: be female. Around 75% of submissions we get are from men but our policy is a minimum 50:50 balance in authorship of Burning Eye Books over time (e.g. phasing means the %’s go up and down but our forward programme will ensure a MINIMUM 50% of books are from women writers). As I write this it is International Women’s Day and I therefore want to take this opportunity to thank Sally Jenkinson, Mairi-Campbell Jack, Anna Freeman, Lucy Lepchani, Catherine Scott, Thommie Gillow, Megan Beech, Melanie Clegg, Lucy English, Alice Furse, Salena Godden, Anna Higgie, Mab Jones, Rebecca Tantony, Vanessa Kisuule, Michelle Madsen, Amy McAllister, Joelle Taylor and Sophia Walker for agreeing to help put Burning Eye on the Map. In honour of IWD15 here is a FREE 170+ page sampler of their work. Download it, read it, enjoy it and if you really want to support the work of this formidable crowd of writers and artists maybe think about buying one of their books. Over the rest of 2015 we will add Hollie Poetry, Liv Torc, Selina Nwulu, Lydia Towsey, Jess Green, & Molly Case to the list. More on that in due course.