Time Travel Hotel

In order to help spread the word about Clive Birnie’s mad bad bonkers book of kooky sci-fi Time Travel Hotel we are allowing a time limited FREE download of the ebook editions. You have until Friday so don’t hang about, and if you would be up for positing a review somewhere like Goodreads, Amazon etc that would be splendid.

Here is what one Goodreads reviewer said about it:

Time Travel Hotel was the wildest leisurely stroll I’ve ever been on. With a small cast of eccentric characters and a complex yet uncomplicated plot, it was a very easy read, despite being entirely bizarre and occasionally disturbing. Clive Birnie has – as his editor put it – a very ‘readable’ style of writing – not only was the story interesting, but the writing was witty and endlessly entertaining.

The downloads are HERE for kindle and HERE for epub readers (Apple, Kobo, Nook etc).

The links expire on Friday.(Whenever that may be! No no we mean THIS Friday. Whenever that was/is/soon will be – you need to read the book – Friday 17 April 2015).