Mark Grist rose to internet fame by walking into a rap battle as an unassuming English teacher and slammed his opponent. His lyrical put-downs against Blizzard has been viewed over 4 million times on YouTube.  Later, he quit his day job and pursued a poetry career that has made him one of the top spoken word poets in the UK. 9781909136533 His début show Rogue Teacher is about teaching secondary school and his decision to hang up the school tie and become a full time poet. The poems are now in print in Mark’s new book by the same title. It is his first collection and is available now in our online store. The book also contains material from later shows Grave Invaders and Dead Poets’ Deathmatch.  We’re hugely excited about the release, we’ve been on twitter asking to hear your favourite poems and this is one of ours:

Enjoy the book, let us know what you think!