The Edinburgh Fringe 2015 is starting to wind down, we have had weeks of one off and recurring shows from a multitude of artists, comedians, thespians and poets across hundreds of venues. It is intense to say the least.

Many of our Burning Eye poets have been on the circuit this year, none more busy than Sophia Walker, winner of the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Improv. Slam and Poetry Olympics. She has guest blogged for Eternal Graffiti and released her collection Opposite the Tourbus earlier this year. Now, she’s hitting the Fringe with not one but TWO shows. Can’t Care, Won’t Care and Cult Friction. And lucky for everyone, she’s hosting this year’s BBC Fringe Slam.

What is the BBC Fringe Slam?

The Slam is a great highlight of UK spoken word and also heralds the next rising stars in performance poetry. (Past winners have included Sophia Walker and Dizraeli.)  It is a week long event in which 24 poets compete to a panel of judges (one of which will be Burning Eye’s Editor and Publisher Clive Birnie!) who score on three categories; best written material, performance and audience reaction.

BBC Fringe Slam 2014 winner Sara Hirsch

There are 6 heats in which these selected 24 poets will compete, the winners of each heat progressing to the Grand Final. The heats will be on from 24th – 27th August, they are free to attend if you’re at the Fringe, 8.15pm at the BBC tent. The Final which is also free (but ticketed in advance) will be held on 29th August at the BBC Bubble.

This year’s contenders include Burning Eye poets Dan Simpson (check out Nerdsmith, 6.20pm at the Banshee Labyrinth until 30th August) and Harry Baker (The Sunshine Kid, 2.50pm at the same venue until 28th August). Watch Sophia draw the names of all contenders out of the hat here:

For more information on the competition, visit the BBC Fringe Slam site here.

Tune into the Slam final on BBC iplayer on Saturday.

We’ll be making updates and announcements on selected shows from our Twitter and Facebook pages throughout the next week and until the end of the festival. Keep up to date with us and future Burning Eye releases in the early Autumn!