Are we really into the Autumn now?

Condensation is starting to creep up the windows in the mornings, artists try to locate themselves again after the Edinburgh Fringe and Burning Eye Books releases the first of the Autumn collections:

Introducing The Secrets I Let Slip by Selina Nwulu.


Selina has been on the spoken word scene for awhile. But aside from wowing crowds at poetry nights, her talent compliments a level of activism that is compelling and outreaching. She has collaborated with Zena Edwards and Sai Murray on Climate Change Kwansabas for Free Word and Tipping Point’s collection Weatherfronts: Climate Change and the stories we tellShe has performed with BAC Artist as Activist and most recently Poetry Can F*ck Off! at the Edinburgh Fringe.

This is Selina’s début collection of poems, fusing the personal with the political, The Secrets I Let Slip is a tribute to modern angst, a bittersweet celebration of the everyday outsider, and an irresistible invitation from an emerging poet of considerable talent

Buy it now from our online store and look out for more exciting releases coming soon…