As a life model, Lydia Towsey spends a lot of time appearing as the ‘passive nude’, her perceptions are not recorded by her own hand, but by those who critically analyse her and create their own idea of her character onto a canvas. This is much like women throughout history – looked at and spoken of from a perspective that does not belong to them. It is a key theme of The Venus Paper then, that Lydia takes the passivity away and explores the depth and journey of Venus as everywoman, outsider, traveller and immigrant in a modern society, where change is can be both healing and destructive.


Eloquent, witty, rhythmically tight…these poems are wry yet also compassiona
te, curious…there’s an impressive control here.” ~ David Belbin.

She manages to locate the story in a contemporary setting and it speaks to a modern audience. I applaud the achievement.” ~ Mahendra Solanki.

“Lydia Towsey – the hardest working women in show business. ‘What if I could cast a spell’ – serious piece”. ~ Micheal Brome.

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