In 1974 Georges Perec wrote Especies de Espacios (Species of Spaces), he said “The subject of this book is not the void exactly, but rather what there is round about or inside it”. So 40 years later, Nathan Penlington teamed up with Sarah Lester to replicate the French writer’s experiment far from the streets of Paris, in Hackney. It is part poetry, part catalogue that illustrates the thoughts, feelings and writing dynamics of two sensibilities. Nathan and Sarah’s fresh take on this literary experiment is well delivered, engrossing and will perhaps challenge perceptions of East London urban life.


The book includes illustrations from local artists Laura Phillimore, Elisa Mantovani, Dougie Harley and Nicola Gaudenzi as well as a cover by typewriter artist Keira Rathbone. (Yes, the cover was typed!) Keira will be exhibiting work 5th – 19th November at M1fineart in London, do go and see it if you’re in that neck of the woods.

Monday 9th November is also the book launch for An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in London. The launch will be at Stage3 in Hackney at 7pm, the night includes performances from Tim Wells as well as Nathan and Sarah reading from the book. Details are here.

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