Versailles obsessive and casual historian Melanie Clegg releases Marie Antoinette: An Intimate History (from Teen Queen to Madame Guillotine) with Burning Eye Books. We are delighted to release the third book by Melanie and our first historic biography. it’s good to shake things up a bit!


Melanie’s novels From Whitechapel and Blood Sisters are both compelling accounts with strong female narratives and her blog Madame Guillotine is dedicated to 17th – 19th Century history so it is no surprise that she has written a biographic account of Marie Antoinette, strongly encouraged by her large blog readership. The book itself has a narrative (originally intended as a novella) which makes it an easy read compared to your standard historic accounts on the French Revolution. Complete with pictures and annotations, Marie Antoinette is a great read for history lover.

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