If you’ve never heard of the StAnza International Poetry Festival, you’re in luck, because we’re about to tell you everything you need to know.

StAnza takes place annually at springtime in St Andrews, Scotland and has been facilitated poets and artists from all over the world. For six days (this year 2 – 6 March) there will be talks, workshops, performances, visual art, spoken word and drama, plus more in a multitude of venues across the town. Each festival focuses around two set themes which 2016 will be Body of Poetry and City Lines:

In the first we’ll look at urban verse, and how poetry engages with city life and connects cities. For Scotland’s Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design, we have designed a festival programme which celebrates architecture and explores how poetry can engage literally, metaphorically and environmentally with our built environment. Both in discussions and creatively, we shall ask how poetry can help people build personal and public creative spaces. Our second theme, Body of Poetry, will embrace the many ways in which poetry celebrates and explores human and other bodies, literally and metaphorically, looking at their needs and appetites, strengths and weaknesses. And in an innovation for 2016, we shall also have our first dedicated translated language focus with a strand of events showcasing German poetry.

— http://www.stanzapoetry.org/festival


Next year’s festival line up has been announced, featuring pioneers in modern poetry including Jo Bell, Zia Ahmed, Malika Booker, Andrew MacMillan and our own Clive Birnie! See the full list here.

Booking for the festival opens in January and accommodation details can be found on the StAnza website.