If you’ve read our latest post about 2015, you may already be aware of our new service Bx3. For those who haven’t, let us introduce the brand new alternative publishing initiative!



Bx3 (after the last line of Tony Harrison’s poem Bookends; “books, books, books.”) is new service separate from Burning Eye Books but one that offers the professional type-setting and copy-editing by the same team of freelancers. The package does not include Burning Eye distribution and promotion but is a way for writers to have a finished printed product quickly, avoiding the long process of Burning Eye.

Bx3 is ideal for poets/writers looking to have their collections/projects/plays ready to print for the festival season, for tours and for long-run circuits like the Edinburgh Fringe. The service runs on a print-on-demand basis in which you are encouraged to promote your own sales via booksellers such as Amazon and Wordery, etc. Bx3 strives to help writers produce good quality books for their portfolios and merchandise.

Bx3 runs on submissions, the window for this is continuous and will open on Monday 18th January. However it is not a service that allows everyone who applies to publish their work. There is a screening system to make sure your work is what we are looking to publish (no Great Uncle Fred’s scandalous limericks!). If you think that Bx3 is for you, please visit the website and read through the information. If you are unclear about anything, please leave a comment! Alternatively, you can email thebx3plan@burningeye.co.uk

Visit the Bx3 Website Here