Professional performance poets are very innovative people. They have to be imaginative and active in their work in order to maintain themselves. The art of spoken word has become more widely available and arguably popular through the rise of the internet, social media and video and audio development. Because of this, poetry is available in lots of different formats and delivered in ways that are accessible, entertaining, hard-hitting and provoking.

The online lecture resource service, TEDx talks, have become hugely popular. They offer a large variety of platforms, speakers, themes and topics in which people can access, learn and share ideas. After watching some TEDx talks yesterday, we at Burning Eye Books thought we’d share some great talks by spoken word artists, just to get you inspired.

Sarah Kay – If I should have a daughter…

We think you might have seen this one brandished around social media sites; the brilliant poet from New York discusses her journey of teaching young child and the relationship with modern poetry.

Shane Koyczan – To This Day…

Shane’s powerful piece about bullying and growing up as an outsider truly hit home with so many. Here it is with backstory and violin accompaniment.

Lee Mokobe – A powerful poem about what it feels like to be transgender

A reflection on the meanings we pour into physical bodies. We love this!

Vanessa Kisuule – What if we are losing humanity in the arts?

Vanessa went to Vienna recently to do this talk on our relationship with creativity and its purpose.

Pete Bearder – Why every school should have a spoken word artist

Pete (the Temp) Beader engages with the idea of having spoken word artists in schools and its great influence on children’s creative expression.

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