Our editor and chief Clive Birnie in defence of instapoetry.

Clive Birnie

I have noticed a trend in recent months for articles that are negative about the advent of what has been termed the #Instapoet – that is someone who uses Instagram as vehicle for sharing poetry. I find this odd because being fan of both poetry and Instagram I see only good in the combination of the two and enjoy playing in the space myself. I find that most articles fail to acknowledge the extraordinary range of work being created and shared via Instagram or that it is frequently a place for  innovative work to be tested and community to be built. As I am about to embark on a 4 day residency as part of my own Instagram project at the StAnza Poetry Festival in Scotland as HashtagPoet# in residence I feel duty bound to put the other side of the argument:

Here are ten #Instapoets who I think showcase that the collision of poetry…

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