Every year the always excellent Sabotage Reviews hold their Saboteur Awards. Nominations are open now until 24th April. There are various categories where Burning Eye, Burning Eye books, events by or featuring Burning Eye poets / writers / people are relevant… take a look. We have been shortlisted several times now in the Most Innovative Publisher Category so if you think that is a label that Burning Eye could wear with distinction then feel free to nominate us but if you think Penned in the Margins, the Emma Press, Nine Arches, Valley or Galley Beggar are more innovative you could always nominate them instead. For best poetry pamphlet you might consider nominating Selina Nwulu’s The Secrets I let Slip. For Best Spoken Word Show – wow where to start – Edinburgh was awash with great spoken word shows last August from the likes of Paula Varjack, Sophia Walker, Rob Auton, Dan Simpson, Jemima Foxtrot, Sara Hirsch, Harry Baker, Tina Sederholm, Hannah Chutzpah, or maybe Maria Ferguson’s current show is the one. Have a think. Nominate something. Regular Spoken Word show… Blah Blah Blah at the Bristol Old Vic is a personal favourite but maybe you like Chill Pill, Loud Poets, Rally & Broad, Jibba Jabba, Say Owt Slam, Raise the Bar, Hammer & Tongue, Bang Said the Gun, Neu Reekie…. whatever. Nominate Nominate. And while you are at it nominate a Best Spoken Word Performer, that won’t be hard. Only a gerzillion amazing people to choose from eh? And for that other weirdo-poetry-thing that doesn’t fit in any other box? Check that Wild Card category at the end and add something. As always: READ THE RULES. You have to nominate in at least THREE categories for it to count. You know what to do people. Get in there.

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