Did you know it’s been almost four years since the release of our first book (Slinky Espadrilles by Ash Dickinson)?

Since then we’ve put out almost a hundred titles, including pamphlets, e-books and anthologies. This year we’ve already released ten titles including ones from our splinter project Bx3 and we’re not even halfway through yet!

Because we love all the titles we put out and want to promote our poets as much as possible, we thought we’d offer our lovely readers a chance to visit some of the earlier books still in print that might have been missed. Throw-back Fortnight is an offer of 30% off a selected book from our archives every two weeks. We’ll be updating the title on offer on our blog, Facebook and Twitter so keep an eye out, then go to our online shop, click to pay and use the code TBF30. Simple!

This week’s TBF30 offer is LADYGARDENS by LUCY LEPCHANI.