A message from Mr A.F. Harrold:

Dear Poets,

I’m collecting poems for a new children’s anthology that I’m editing for Bloomsbury and wondered if you might offer a poem or two (or more) for consideration.
The collection is going to be filled with poems about food, or poems that have food in them.
I feel this is a subject we all have an interest in, being something we are involved with every day (with any luck), but which also allows us freedom to explore many other facets and areas of experience.
As long as there’s some food in there somewhere the poem will be considered.
I’m looking for poems of all characters – funny ones, serious ones, happy ones, sad ones, silly ones, thoughtful ones, good ones – the whole gamut. I’d like this anthology to be wide-ranging and all-encompassing.
I like that thing Ted Hughes said about some of his poems being written for children and some being written within hearing of children – I’d like both sorts. If you’re unsure whether the poem will fit, send it to me anyway.
I don’t mind if poems have been published previously (so long as you can grant us the permission to republish without exorbitant law suits), although I’d very much love new ones too. Frankly, I’m happy to consider anything.
(Also, if you can think of any poems from the past that would fit the theme I’d like to include some of them too. For example, William Carlos Williams’ This Is Just To Say fits the theme (because it has no plums left in the ice box), but Tennyson’s The Lady of Shallot (because it doesn’t actually have any shallots in it at all) doesn’t. Please point me at favourite old foody poems I’ve probably missed, poetry buffs.)

Naturally, a fee will be paid for any poems used, along with a copy of finished book which will be published as a fully illustrated lovely hardback piece of deliciousness late 2017.

Please send me submissions by August 1st this year, by e-mail at afh@afharrold.com please.
Many thanks,
A.F. Harrold.