Stef Mo (or you may know him as Stefan Mohammed) is an award-winning novelist and poet. ‘Stef Mo’ is an on-stage alias, he says, like special edition Batman figures and also the name behind this brand new excellent collection of poems – Panic!

The world is a confusing, terrifying, exciting, sexy, smelly place that makes simultaneously more and less sense the more time you spend in it. This collection of poems, poem-shaped rants, rant-shaped monologues, whimsical asides, imagined conversations, mutated anecdotes and existentially terrified howls at the moon is about as pure a manifestation of Stef Mo’s (Stefan Mohamed) relationship with the world as you could hope to experience, short of piloting a miniaturised submarine directly into his brain. This, incidentally, will be the delivery mechanism for his second collection, except he’ll be in the submarine and it’ll be your brain.

Stef Mo will be performing in Bristol at Raise the Bar alongside Anna Freeman and multi-slam champion Buddy Wakefield on Wednesday 8th June. Info and tickets here.

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