sabotage-1Remember when Burning Eye won the coveted Most Innovative Publisher Award at last year’s Saboteur Awards? Those awards are run by Sabotage Reviews and much like Burning Eye, Sabotage Reviews runs on enthusiasm and strong coffee and exists on a financial tightrope. In order to ensure their continued existence and raise the money needed to fund this year’s awards they have started a Friends scheme. You can become a regular patron or just chip in in however small away you can and we urge all Burning Eye supporters to chip in with anything they can. Sabotage Reviews is unique. They cover the indie lit that is otherwise overlooked. No one has given Spoken Word the kind of coverage they have and everyone in the Spoken Word community owes them a pint or two for that. But rather than buy them that pint scrape up the loose change in your paypal account and put a £ or 2 their way. It doesn’t have to be big but it will all help keep an important bastion of the indie lit scene there for the ongoing benefit of us all. More info here: