‘They said we could be
Tall as redwoods
Bright as autumn maples
Bold as monkey puzzles
But to survive
We are learning to be tumbleweeds.’

Permeable is the third collection from stand up, poet and smartarse Hannah Chutzpah. It is a warm, funny and nuanced collection from a dynamic and seasoned wordsmith. Covering everything from the difficulties of love to mental health and Tetris, Chutzpah paints powerful pictures about the instability and insecurity of ‘millennial’ life. Taking a winding route via hoarding, pet crematoriums and lunar photography, Permeable is a guide for trying to get by as best you can without being an arse.


Hannah was Born and raised in London, she studied at UEA and has performed everywhere from Occupy protests to the Royal Albert Hall. Her one-woman Edinburgh Fringe shows have received five star reviews and made people cry. Apparently in a good way. Hannah has been described as ‘fine’ by three therapists, as ‘of good character’ by a high court judge and as ‘a potential maggot-thrower’ by the Metropolitan Police. This is her third collection.

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