Have you been tuning in to BBC Radio 4’s Price of Happiness? You might have heard a couple of poems from Kate Fox which feature in the brand new, hilarious and endearing, thoughtful and all-too-truthful collection Chronotopia. It’s been available to pre-order for a few months but now, today is the day! It’s out! Hurray!

If you aren’t familiar with Kate, you can visit her website to find out about all the pies she’s got her fingers in and where to see her perform.


These poems come from a variety of residencies and random thoughts over the past few years; from the Glastonbury Festival and the Great North Run, from a Cheshire mill and a Muslim girl’s school in Bradford. From a homeless project, a newspaper column, two Radio 4 comedy series and a stand-up PhD. Mostly though they come from in between- where most writers and performers live. Between classes and places and genres and times.

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