‘But there’s just not many women doing poetry…’ – some men have said.

Back in 2013, when London was in need, poet and feminist Carmina Masoliver founded a monthly event that catered for self-identifying women and non binary folks, bringing national poets in to headline, creating open mic opportunities for upcoming artists and creating e-zines for submissions to keep the Riot Grrrl-inspired poetry community surrounding She Grrrowls alive and well. She Grrrowls was an experiment, one that made intersectional feminism at the forefront of the poetry scene and started some integral conversations that led to a wider acknowledgement of issues surrounding gender and identity at other poetry events around the country. Read the She Grrrowls manifesto here.

We were sad to see it take a hiatus, but in that time were thrilled to work with Carmina on the first She Grrrowls anthology featuring work from ten incredible poets including Aisling Fahey, Bridget Minamore and Rachel Long. This Wednesday the event is back in London and will host Joelle Taylor, Esther Poyer and an open mic (especially open for women, trans and non-binary peoples). Details on the launch can be found here.

“There was a feeling of ‘yes-I-want-to-change-the-world’ in the air and it’s hard to imagine anyone left feeling angry or depressed about social injustice, since the performers conveyed their social agenda with just the right amount of optimism and hopefulness.”
Irina Jauhianinen, Sabotage Reviews

“She Grrrowls is a ravishing, fierce and funny showcase of the some of the best mouths in town.”
Amber Tamblyn

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