This year Burning Eye Books is five years old. I know! Where did the time go? To celebrate, and to commemorate such a wonderful bunch of poets on our list, we’ve created the ultimate playlist, the definitive soundtrack to the spoken word movement – The Best Poetry Book in the World.

Featuring the best anthems, foot-stompers, tear-jerkers, belly-fillers, political and social powerhouses from our poets over the last five years, plus some pieces from next year and previously unpublished classics, this anthology will define a literary movement has taken hold of poetry as we know it and changed it forever.

Pre order the anthology now in time for our first launch at Cheltenham Lit Fest on 11th October with special guests Deanna Rodger, Keith Jarrett, Kate Fox and Megan Beech. (Details here)

You can also join us at the second launch on 23rd November at Waterstones in Birmingham with Kate Fox, Toby Campion and Shagufta K Iqbal. (Details here)

Prepare yourselves.