‘Jess Green’s writing never fails to stir hope, humour and righteous anger, often all at the same time. She articulates brilliantly the loves and losses every embattled Labour supporter will be familiar with, but the humanity and wit
that shines through all of her work is universal, making this collection for the many, not the few.’ – Grace Petrie

‘Some misogynist Conservative accountants may find these verses upsetting. I’d urge everyone else to buy a copy.’ – Elvis McGonagall



When Jess Green joined the Labour Party at university she doubled the number of members who met weekly in the Liverpool Philharmonic pub. Since then she’s stuck by them through the downfall of Tony Blair, the disappointment of Gordon Brown and the monolith of Ed Miliband. After a decade of keeping her membership card firmly at the back of her wallet she’s suddenly, like most frustrated lefty activists, fallen head over heels in love with Jeremy Corbyn and his raw Communist sex appeal.

Jess Green’s second collection is full of fast-paced, drywitted poems from the perspective of a late twenties poet who’s beginning to regret her teenage ambition of becoming a full-time impoverished artist.

A Self Help Guide to Being In Love with Jeremy Corbyn is a new full length show by Jess and her band The Mischief Thieves and will be on throughout August at Edinburgh Fringe as part of the PBH Free Fringe. More details here.

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