Bristol poet and author of the wonderful Prayer to Imperfection: Poems 1996 – 2004 Lucy English is back with a brand new collection, and hold onto your hats, this one takes a very different turn…


The Book of Hours is a contemporary re-imagining of a Medieval book of hours. These were collections of exquisitely hand-illustrated images and religious texts which followed a yearly calendar. They were created in a handy size so they could be carried by the owner and read on a daily basis. They can also be seen as interactive texts as these books were not intended to be read chronologically. This Book of Hours is secular but the general mood is contemplative and reflective and has been created in a poetry film form. This book contains the poetry from the poetry film project  plus some extra poems.

We are delighted to offer a pre-order for this collection, now available on our web store. The Book of Hours will be released October 2018.