We are delighted to announce our selected three winners for the BAME Poetry Competition and who will release debut pamphlets with us in 2019!

Further to a published collection, our three winners will be featured in a poetry magazine (TBA) and also be invited to perform their work at two special launches. Thanks again to Shagufta K. for reading and selecting the submissions – our final decision has been made and you can find out more about the new Burning Eye poets below:

Hanan Issa



Hanan is a mixed-race poet from Wales. She has performed at numerous events across the UK and her work has been featured on both ITV Wales and BBC Radio Wales. Her work has been published in Banat Collective, Hedgehog Press, Sukoon mag, Lumin, sister-hood magazine and MuslimGirl.com. Her winning monologue was performed at Bush Theatre’s Hijabi Monologues. She is the co-founder of Cardiff’s first BAME open mic series ‘Where I’m Coming From’. She is also one of the 2018 Hay Writers at Work


Lands of Mine (video)

Adrian Earle


5 b+w.jpg

Adrian B Earle is a Poet, playwright and storyteller; Host and Producer of the Verse First Poetry Podcast, a creative writer and spoken word poet who performs under the name Think/Write/Fly based in Birmingham. 

Believing that society is comprised of the stories we tell and the modes in which we tell them, Adrian likes to focus his poems on the bugs and features of modernity. His poems play with the patterns in our modes of speech, our evolving relationships to each other and what it means to be part of the ‘other’ in an age of technology that amplifies some and silences others. Adrian likes to build new poetic forms and break others. Recently collaborating to make artefacts out of his poems, and poetry from pieces of art; in order to test the boundary lines between visual, audible and written artistic expression.


Insomnia Suite (audio)


Caroline Teague




Caroline Teague is a London born and bred poet writing pieces on grief, identity and how she comes to terms with some harrowing realities of being human and being alive, in a style she calls ‘tragic optimism’ hoping that the honesty through her writing can translate into something positive and comforting for someone else.

Creator of the musical project “Caroline Smiling” which blends music,spoken word, illustration and other forms of communication to cross platforms for mental health and queer identity through creative means. A self-proclaimed soft touch poet with some sharp edges.


On the Bad Days (video)


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