In the last couple of years around 30% of our list has been new-comers, first time bookers, some of whom are under the age of twenty five and are just settling into the professional world of poetry. It’s great then when wonderful writers like Panya Banjoko and Penny Pepper come along to demonstrate that debut collections are not exclusively for the young and new, but for all writers of all ages and experiences. Our newest title soak is one of those collections, Isadora Vibes is a poet and an artist, challenging perceptions of pain, passion and the human state. Hailing from Bristol, we are delighted to showcase more of our home’s assorted poetry scene, and soak is the perfect autumnal read to ease you out of a long hot summer.


soak was also taken to the Nordic Fringe this September as a stand alone show which gained Isadora a nomination for the Innovation in Performance Award along side artists from Germany and Iceland. Keep up to date with with Isadora’s next appearances via her website, or come along to Cheltenham #LitCrawl on 6th October, where she will be performing alongside Burning Eye poets Carys Hannah and Malaika Kegode.



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