The wait for Steve Larkin’s new book of poetry Your Own Steve Larkin Poetry Adventure is ( over! This prolific debut of definitive work is a wild, media-blending adventure of a collection that is sure to excite, challenge, and inspire.

The book combines three decades of poetry, films, animations, live performances, and studio recordings by pairing poems with scannable QR codes that link the reader to various audio and visual delights. And, as the title suggests, the collection truly gives you the ability to make the adventure your own. Steve provides a questionnaire that guides the reader to their most personalised and appropriate starting point, where they then navigate through the book by choosing between multiple title options at the end of each poem. This creates an exciting and fully individualised reading experience. One such journey might begin at the ‘end’ of the collection with ‘RIP Steve Larkin’. The poem provides a curtly beautiful exploration into ritual, mortality, and the impermanence of life:

SL Page good

Your Own Steve Larkin Poetry Adventure contains poems that are serious, profound, hilarious, and often even all three at once. In ‘If Major Religious Figures Had Lived Concurrently to Me’, the speaker cleverly and poignantly imagines how Buddha, Muhammad, Jesus, and other figures would have lived if they had been born in the twentieth century.

‘Peacocks See Off Terriers’, one of the strongest poems in the collection, recalls the brash schoolboy violence of a Yorkshire grammar school. The poem captures the physical and emotional challenges of building confidence and individuality in the bullish world of performed masculinity. The brilliant internal rhyme and jostling sounds in the poem mirror its scrappy and unpredictable mood:

 I remember manning up at Batley Grammar

School for Boys

to that brash middle-class no-nonsense noise

that big-banged its way down booby-trapped


 chock-filled with bollockings

from teachers

whose ear-bashings were more

feared than their canes.

Steve Larkin is a former International Poetry Slam Champion, an Oxford Professor of Poetry nominee, and the founder and chief of Hammer & Tongue – the UK’s leading poetry slam organisation. In addition to renowned poet, Steve is a musician, educator, storyteller, comedic host, and the creator of two critically acclaimed spoken word theatre shows: N.O.N.C.E. and TES.

There are still tickets available for the performance and launch event of Your Own Steve Larkin Poetry Adventure on June 3rd at The North Wall, Oxford. To purchase tickets and learn more about Steve and his work, please visit his website through the link below.

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