We are absolutely delighted to announce that The Celox and The Clot author Hafsah Aneela Bashir has been awarded the Jerwood Compton Fellowship 2019/20 alongside Yomi Soda and Anthony Joseph.

Hafsah, Anthony and Yomi illustrate the breadth of what poetry can be today. Through activism, theatre and other disciplines the three poets express their practice through a multitude of ways, opening poetry up to a wide range of audiences. Each has produced outstanding work to date and has been chosen for their potential at these critical points in their individual careers, when the support provided from the Fellowship could make the most difference.

Find out more about the Jerwood Compton Fellowship here

The Celox and The Clot, Hafsah’s BE collection was released in autumn 2018 and ‘challenges but inspires as the poems tackle hard-hitting issues with unforgettable imagery’ (Desblitz). Hafsah has also been a TOAST poetry graduate and is currently write-in-residence at Longsite.

Congratulations, Hafsah!