‘Tyrone Lewis’ genius lies in approaching each of the themes he turns his pen to with a well-tuned balance between his trademark wit and the sense of weight appropriate for an engagement with race, identity and culture. These are poems for people. People with hearts. People who remember their first times. People who’ve tried to figure out their place in the world. And people who’ve maybe seen a Star Wars movie or two. This is a poet who truly synthesises something meaningful from the contemporary fabric of the everyday.’

Jacob Sam-La Rose

We are thrilled to announce the release of Blackish by slam champion, jedi poet master and producer Tyrone Lewis!

We can tell you’ve been waiting for this for awhile, so don’t hesitate to grab a copy from our web store. Alternatively, you can get one straight from Tyrone himself at his upcoming book launch on 14th July. Featuring a squad of poetry superheroes including Hannah Raymond-Cox and Dan Simpson. Get more information here.

Don’t miss Tyrone on his book tour!