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‘These poems are a beautiful blend of insight and awareness, skilful writing, and the darkness of detail. Jamie gives voice the stories that are often ignored, in a way that dares you to ignore them again, and in a way that compels you not to.’ – Casey Bailey


Jamie Thrasivoulou is hard to fit into any box description. His work is complex, as you will find out, yet the reason why it hits like pipe cold water is because it is so unwaveringly direct. Jamie’s bravery is as evident in person as in his poems. I had to put this collection down and come back to it several times, the pain is very real and universally written. However, I admire Our Man for it’s inability to be anything other than the truth and I kept coming back to it with more resilience and solidarity every time.

I recommend this collection to anyone looking for radical masculinity, genuine care for crafting stories and some great football anthems. Burning Eye are delighted to release Our Man into the world, I hope you love it as much as I do.

Bridget Hart