Last summer we embarked on a journey to find three previously unpublished UK poets from BAME communities with the intention of producing debut pamphlets in 2019. Well we’re not sure where the time has gone but we are delighted that these pamphlets will be released together 10th October! Our winners, Hanan Issa, Caroline Teague and Adrian B. Earle were chosen for their unique styles, narratives and enthusiasm for spoken word in local communities. To celebrate their work we are holding three regional  launches in Cardiff, Birmingham and London where each will take a turn to headline and showcase their newly published work.

The details:

BIRMINGHAM – 19th October

Adrian B. Earle – 5000 HURTS  launch
with special guests Hanan Issa and Caroline Teague held at The Warehouse Cafe

‘5kh is the frequency of trauma. The tone of the remnants our strange and painful interactions with each other leave behind, the sound of broken connections effectively masked by the myriad ways we avoid engagement with reality, the noise of hundreds of little wrongs, the combined volume of which deafen us nonetheless.’

Adrian Facebook Cover Photo.jpg


LONDON – 24th October

Caroline Teague – Good Earth launch
with special guests Adrian Earle and Hanan Issa. Held at Genesis Cinema

‘These poems are deeply personal explanations of feelings that travel between pain and longing to build a tender bridge of understanding and comfort between the reader and the author.’

Carolines Facebook Cover Photo.jpg



CARDIFF – 26th October

Hanan Issa – My Body Can House Two Hearts launch
with special guests Caroline Teague and Adrian Earle. Held at G39

‘Skip across the fragile boundaries of history, culture, relationships, and language in this fantastic debut.  A celebration of women’s redemptive interdependency and the rejection of patriarchal power.’

Hanan Facebook Cover Photo


All events are FREE and if you can get along to one (or all?!) of these amazing launches, we recommend you do! We are very lucky to have the wonderful voices of Caroline, Adrian and Hanan under the BE banner and we know that you will love their work as much as we do.

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