Since supporting Maria’s show Fat Girls Don’t Dance in Southampton a few years ago I have been eating up everything she’s done. Naturally I am thrilled to add the debut poetry collection Alright, Girl? to the Burning Eye list. This collection is the accumulation of work from across Maria’s writing career, with updated editions of pieces from her award winning shows Fat Girls Don’t Dance and Essex Girl.

— Bridget Hart

Body is starting to think
that it might be possible to fall in love
with another body, but only when
body is beautiful without somebody
saying it is.

Alright, Girl? is an extremely personal yet relatable exploration of class, gender and belonging. Ferguson reflects on her working-class heritage, her journey into womanhood and the choices she must now face in an age of austerity and gentrification. Full of heart and humour these poems chart the familiarity of East End pubs, the pangs of loss, the mercy of love and the inescapable bonds of female friendship.

‘Ferguson is a poet for the people, washing her dirty poems in public and holding your eye as she does so. We need more voices like hers, democratic and challenging.
Clever, funny, frank and uncompromising. A warrior.’ – JOELLE TALOR


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