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We are delighted to be at The Bath Festival on 16th May. An evening event hosted by co-editor Bridget Hart and BE poet and colleague Shagufta K. Iqbal

We will joined by Molly Naylor, who will be launching her second Burning Eye collection Stop Trying to Be Fantastic at the end of April 2020. Afshan D’souza Lodhi who’s much anticipated debut collection redesire will be released in May 2020. Plus Tom Denbigh with his successful 2019 debut collection …and then she ate him.

Each poet will do a reading, followed by a Q&A and book signings.

Tickets and information:

Date    Saturday 16 May 2020

Time    6:30 PM – 7:45 PM

Venue  Literature Lounge

Price    £9.90

For more information about accessibility and how to book a personal assistant complimentary ticket, please click here

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