I first saw Leanne perform at Milk Poetry in Bristol and she had the quality to engage everyone in the room with her dry wit and and perfectly timed lines. Reading Get Over Yourself feels like a live performance and that’s what makes a Burning Eye book: performance poetry that truly work on the page.

Bridget Hart


Get Over Yourself is a biographical delve into belonging, exclusion, and the relationship between self-awareness and self-delusion, the rejection of social norms, and the ways in which we accept and question implied cultural rules. Using humour, spoken word poetry and storytelling Leanne takes us through the familiar – teenage rebellion, grief, sex, self esteem and self-discovery in a personal political narrative that always reminds us of the uncertain world we are growing into. The poems in this collection question received wisdom, playfully unravelling the awkward and the bizarre aspects of modern life.

Leanne’s poetry is an exploration of human failures and resilience, the things that make us angry, and the things that make us laugh.

‘Leanne’s work wraps around your brain like a word hug. It is caring, healing, encouraging, empowering, and full of love. A love born from an understanding of hurt, struggle and oppression, met with wit, wordplay and wisdom. A heartfelt and powerful collection.’ – Dominic Berry

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