Join award winning spoken word artist and writer Cat Hepburn, as she launches her latest collection of poems and short stories Dating & Other Hobbies over Zoom! Hosted by the musical comedy icon and fellow millennial babe Amelia Bayler, you can expect:

– Exclusive book reading
– Author Q&A
– A LIVE musical performance from Amelia
– A chance to see Cat drink her first Diet Coke in a year (and probably lots of prosecco)

Screaming with authenticity and using toe-curlingly relatable observations on millennial life, Dating & Other Hobbies treats the reader with the honesty of a wine guzzling bestie on a night out, making it both gut-wrenching and spit-your-tea-out funny. Confessional, uncomfortable and hilarious all at once, from regrettable one night stands, to ghosting, to extramarital affairs- no stone is left unturned.

“A witty, gorgeous, genital-warts-and-all take on millennial dating culture that had me curling my toes for a number of reasons”

– Kirstin Innes, author of Scabby Queen

“Hits like an espresso martini served in a library by a doctor of philosophy dancing to Lady Gaga”

– Phill Jupitus

“As engaging on page as she is on stage, Hepburn consistently outdoes herself with courage, grace and humour”

– Darren ‘Loki’ McGarvey

“Captures living as a young woman right now with such fresh fearlessness, it’s like she just woke up bleary faced beside you, after the mother of all benders”

– Cora Bissett


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