It’s hard to pin down a dating experience in 2020, especially if you’re not great at Tinder etc. But as things start to edge back to the open and we’re getting ready to dip a foot in, Dating & Other Hobbies arrives like that amazingly confident friend who’s already in and shouting ‘come on, it’s not that cold!’ Your first pint of possibility awaiting you within it’s pages. Cat Hepburn draws on a variety of experiences, different shapes and sizes of dating in poems and short stories that are funny, relatable, heartfelt and sometimes true. As author of Scabby Queen, Kirstin Innes says:

‘a vicarious thrill-ride of a book, dragging you on an epically sexy, boozy good night out and not sparing your blushes, aches or throbbing head the morning after.’

Cat Hepburn is an award winning scriptwriter and spoken word artist based between Glasgow and Berlin. Her work has featured nationally and internationally across screen, stage and page on the likes of BBC6 Music Festival, Edinburgh Fringe and Channel 4. She is the author of the poetry book #GIRLHOOD, which she developed into a hit solo spoken word theatre show in 2019. Cat is also the co-founder of Sonnet Youth, one of Scotland’s leading spoken word nights.


‘Dating & Other Hobbies dazzles with an agile wit, scorching honesty and a weather eye on the plight of society. It hits like an espresso martini served in a library by a doctor of philosophy dancing to Lady Gaga.’
Phill Jupitus