Legendary storyteller and poet Rachel Rose Reid launches her new book I’m Hans Christian Andersen on Sunday 5th December online and you’re all invited!

Tickets are available here, and come in a range of options from a signed book to low wage.


‘On the radio they said that Hans Christian Andersen wrote the Little Mermaid whilst he was avoiding the wedding of the person he loved. I thought ‘that doesn’t sound like a story that involves singing lobsters’. So I picked a book from my shelf, I sat down at the table, and I began to read. And as I read the stories, I remembered where I first heard them. You know how that is? You open one memory and a thousand more pour out.’

I’m Hans Christian Andersen strips the sugarcoat from the famous teller of fairytales, whilst grappling with our own love affairs of happily ever after.

‘Rachel Rose Reid is an entrancing, extraordinary storyteller and artist… I’m Hans Christian Andersen is mesmerising, nourishing and good for your heart and soul’

Salena Godden (Mrs Death Misses Death)